SA FBC Public Offender Database

The SA FBC frequently updates a public database that collects all relevant information on persons that violate our session policies. The information found below is updated as our field agents report the activity.

Only severe offenders will be on the public offender databse. We do not release information of logged users that do not violate our policies. If you or someone you know is on this public database and you believe it is in error, please contact us at

Offender Database

Name Other Aliases RID Last IP Offenses
Sk8erBoi21 N/A N/A N/A • Griefing w/Mods
SSynnc Sync__ 132986314 • Griefing w/Mods
• Crashing
lunatiC_lexiii N/A 139026850 N/A • Session Kicking
• Crashing
Auxdownload Glitch 30299365 N/A • Session Griefing
• General mischief
RapidFawn495081 N/A 119743697 N/A • Session Griefing
• Session Lagging w/Cargo Planes
bluepheonix6763 N/A 146158100 N/A • Griefing w/mods
Chander373 N/A 38702940 • Griefing w/mods
• Player crashing

Misdemeanor Database

The following database contains users that have comitted misdemeanors but did not comit any severe infractions.

Name Offenses
__Baphomet__ • Severe Griefing
AmericaFirst420 • Severe Griefing
ArizonaUnknown • Severe Griefing
MAU53R • Severe Griefing
UAHFTV • Severe Griefing